Founder conversation: Mursal Hedayat of Chatterbox (All Turtles)

  • Mursal Hedayat
Mursal Hedayat, Cofounder and CEO of Chatterbox, joined Jon Cifuentes, Cofounder and Head of Marketing for All Turtles, for an onstage conversation at the All Turtles Paris launch event. Chatterbox is a platform that trains refugees as foreign language tutors across the U.K., providing jobs for them as well as language-learning opportunities for students and professionals. For Hedayat, Chatterbox’s mission is deeply personal:  “I arrived in the U.K. as a refugee with my mom, and she was a successful engineer in Afghanistan… After the Taliban took over Kabul, we moved to the U.K. for safety. A woman like her shouldn’t have had a hard time getting employment, but because of frictions in the labor market, and a little bias as well, she was unemployed for a decade.”
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