• Saffron Cann

As part of an ongoing tarot card project, I present to you FOUR PENTACLES. Based off the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot cards and their meanings, my aim is to re-visualise the cards and their messages in my own authentic style - incorporating sci-fi, surrealist and ancestral themes. FOUR PENTACLES very much takes inspiration from the story of King Midas, the man who wished that everything he touched turned to gold. When his wish was granted, it wasn't long before he found pain and misery. The message is to question your greed and fear of material loss. "Valuable" inanimate objects and luxuries can make us obsessive and controlling - FOUR PENTACLES asks that you seek freedom from the entrapment that your wealth has over you. You might be in control of your possessions - but how much control do they have over you?