Framestore x World Snooker 2019

  • Idrees Saleem
  • Garreth Gaydon

This project was a joint brief set by Created and Framestore I was tasked with creating an animated title sequence for the 2019 World Snooker Championships The project was split into two phases - phase 1 and phase 2 During phase 1, I created a pitch document to present to Framestore. I competed against other students on the course and successfully won the pitch, as joint winner alongside Alex Evans In phase 2, I was creative director of a team of 7 students and led them on creating a series of styleframes. I received regular feedback and support from Framestore during this stage, including mentorting to develop my skills as a creative director After this stage, I embarked on creating a full animated video. I collaborated with Charlotte Temple, who designed and animated the 2D aspects This stage was a true collaboration, and Charlotte and I benefitted greatly from creating this video