• Henriette Brück

The brief was to design a poster for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017, which welcomes the guest country France to the vibrant city of Frankfurt. My first solution is mainly typographic and tries to assemble the most common greetings from France ("Salut") and Frankfurt ("Gude") which results in "Salude". The Typeface "Astloch" incorporates both, the French simplicity but also a "Germanic" Fraktur typeface with a modern twist. It's very modern and ornamented without looking too rustic, which underlines the qualities of Frankfurt. My second solution was another typographic one, this time incorporation the French greeting of giving one another several kisses on the cheek. Again, I used the typeface "Astloch" to include the German touch. My third and last solution was more of illustrative nature and played with the painting Eugène Delacroix "La liberté guidant le peuple" ("Liberty Leading the People"), just that instead of demanding "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité" (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity), the revolution now demands "Littérature, Egalite, Fraternite" (Literature, Equality, Fraternity).