Freelands Foundation

  • Jodie-Ann Langley
  • Elle French
  • Josh Epstein-Richards
  • Nicholas Duggins
UTILE worked with Freelands Foundation to create a comprehensive multi-platform brand identity. Designing an immersive and bespoke website, alongside a contemporary identity has allowed Freelands Foundation to enhance their audience and reach. The symbol represents the three pillars of the foundation; gender equality, education reform, and widening participation as well as the foundation itself.
Freelands Foundation’s mission is to support artists and cultural institutions, to broaden audiences for the visual arts and to enable all young people to engage actively with the creation and enjoyment of art.
Freelands Foundation research and articulate the value that art and culture bring to society.
Freelands Foundation encourage young people to engage in the creation and enjoyment of art, particularly through support to teachers and teacher training and the exploration of experimental approaches to art education.

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