Freeline — Rebranding an innovative gene bio-technology company

Freeline is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing transformative gene therapies for people with inherited systemic debilitating diseases. Headquartered in the UK, NASDAQ quoted and operating in both Germany and the US, Freeline has strong ambitions for continued growth within both established and new territories.

With a vision to build and advance a pipeline of curative treatments to make a life-changing impact, Freeline’s purpose-led strategy is focused on transforming the lives of patients with haemophilia B, Fabry disease and other inherited, chronic diseases.
We worked with Freeline’s executive team to express their vision for the potential of their gene therapy, helping to capture their passion for the amazing curative benefits their treatment can lead to and the potentially dramatic, disruptive effect on the medical landscape. We translated this into a simple purpose that would resonate with everyone from an investor to a patient’s family.
We helped create a new brand, visual language and tone of voice for Freeline. By breaking the norms of pharma and biotech brands and identities it reflects the revolutionary, disruptive potential of their technology and their ambitious plans for it to reach patients. As part of developing the brand, we created a new website with updated content to reach their new wide-ranging audiences.

We also created a short animation explaining what gene therapy is, in a clear and concise way. It describes the evolution over the last 50 years and that the goal of providing a long-term cure for patients can be life changing.
The Freeline core thought – Life Changers – set the creative direction and creative challenge that enabled a bold visual identity where the mark and its monogram work with the distinctive visual style to stand out and help tell their story.