• Maya Patel

‘Frequency’ is a project about representing how different musical genres are comprised of different fashion-waves, environments, and cultures. Within this publication, different fashion trends within each genre and their subcultures are represented and explored, the focus is on four genres, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Rap, and Hip-Hop. Frequency also explores two different sub-genres within each genre to show that even sub-genres can differ in fashion, culture, and environment. The project comprises online articles, photography and visual textures. Artists within each genre are hugely influential to the people within the culture of each genre, they are often looked as role models and inspirations. The photographs of celebrities and articles that are included reflect the fashion trends that are apparent in the genre, and how some fashion trends that were started in the genre have become influential within high-fashion. Different environments/locations can also reflect in different genres, people who are involved in the culture of the genre tend to have more in common and go to similar locations. Historical research is embedded within the publication.


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