Friday in February - ROKSANDA AW21

  • JM Finch

Honouring the inimitable talents of the celebrated Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson and Daisy Bevan, the Autumn Winter 2021 short film brings themes of family and the human touch to life in a highly intimate, poetic and moving portrayal following 3 generations of incredible women. Set against the backdrop of their countryside home during lockdown, we witness their experiences captured honestly and lovingly over the course of one day in February. Shot via iPhone in creative collaboration between Roksanda, the family and female director and photographer, Linda Brownlee, a series of tender and fleeting moments are exposed through a uniquely feminine lens. Small comforts are glimpsed: from revelling in the soft, dappled morning light, to strolling in the garden, playing cards together, to reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 quietly, serenely contemplating the fragility of life and the importance of love during our lifetime. Through their eyes, we are invited in and united in the communal comfort and beauty found in the everyday, binding us ever closer together in these unusual but enlightening times. The family kindly requested for a donation to be made in support of the NHS in lieu of receiving any personal commission. Due to the national lockdown, all scenes were captured via iPhone in February 2021 by Joely Richardson, Daisy Bevan and Roksanda Ilincic.

AudioWise completed the full sound design and online mix for this project

  • Vanessa Redgrave
  • Joely Richardson
  • Daisy Bevan
  • Director : Linda Brownlee
  • Editor : Piers Dennies
  • Music : Playlister FM
  • Piano : Mike Patto
  • Sound Design & Mix : JM Finch
  • Production : Art Production
  • Representation: East Agency

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