Frijj Swamp Soccerettes

To build upon the success of Frijj's sponsorship of Soccer AM, Dairy Crest approached Syzygy and Grey Advertising with a brief for an on-pack promotion to utilise mobile and social media, targeted at 16-24 year old men.The creative concept - The Swamp Soccerettes, No.1 Swamp Soccer Cheer-Leading Team in the World! - was born.Consumers are invited to text an on-pack MMS code in return for a unique URL driving them to a personalised message from Nadia (captain of The Swamp Soccerettes) as well as a link to the Frijj mobile site where they could access exclusive content for their mobile phone.Together with instant-win incentives, the campaign site also invites consumers to create their own Swamp Soccer team, to be entered into a prize draw for a chance to play at the Swamp Soccer World Cup.This mechanic had to be simple and entertaining. By allowing entrants to invite their Facebook friends to become part of the team from within the campaign site (via Facebook Connect), more and more content was unlocked, including "augmented reality" interviews with the Soccerettes, their bios and training regime.To complement the social media element and ensure sufficient hype to the Swamp Soccer World Cup, Facebook fan pages for all six Soccerettes were created, allowing fans to receive updates from the girls, engage with additional content and win instant giveaways.