Fully funded one to one coaching program for young leaders

  • Samira Musa

Hey all, my name is Samira. I’m a transformative coach and film producer. I’ve just launched a fully funded one to one coaching program for young black leaders and thought it might be of interest to the community. Details below; Hack Camp a coaching practice setup by Samira & Isabel has raised funds to sponsor 9 black leaders through a 6 or 12 week one to one coaching program. This bespoke coaching program is designed to support black leaders reach a goal that they identify as significant for them to be able to move forward in their life or business. The criteria for the coaching program is that you are a black leader, who has a goal they would like to achieve in 6 or 12 weeks. Submit your interest through the form below. We will then select candidates to a 30 min chemistry call to ensure that our coaching style is right for you. Link to the course information; https://www.hackcamp.co.uk/future-leaders Link to the form; https://forms.gle/B9tgT3et7shb9qi17