Fur for animals

  • Holly Small

A stop motion film inspired by a D&AD brief on animal cruelty in the fur industry. This 1 minute and 13 second stop motion covers the topic of the killing techniques used within the industry to 'preserve the quality of fur'. ​The brief was from the organisation Fur for Animals, who challenged creatives to produce a piece (or pieces) of online shareable content, at the heart of which is awareness of and for followers of their cause to save animals and stop cruelty. ​ After researching past campaigns, what tends to trend through sharing on social networking sites and how animals are treated in the fashion industry, I decided to create a film that avoided bloody or just graphics imagery, but still displayed the way in which animals are killed for their fur. I wrote poetry to direct the narrative, this was then combined with a determination to show the horrific ways that animals are killed for their fur, however without the use of bloody imagery. Replacing graphic with childlike visuals and sound effects to bring home the message of killing for fur and how fur is obtained for the fashion industry. The main point of my film is to question the need for real fur, and if the brutal killings justify the methods used, these include electrocution, gassing and stepping on the animals to break their necks. This animated short is my fresh take on animal rights campaigning. ​ DISCLAIMER – ALL puppets used in this film are NOT my own, therefore I DO NOT claim them as mine. ​ Music used: ‘Dramatic Apocalyptic Music - The Wasteland (Copyright and Royalty Free)’ By Ross Bugden and Ethan Unrau.