Future 3.0 How to future-proof your business?

This month we had an inspiring conversation with Martin Raymond, Co-Founder of Future Laboratory. He shared his insights into the future and how we can prepare for what awaits us in the coming years. We discussed the skills leaders will need in the future, the role of impact metrics in business and how creatives can succeed in the boardroom.

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Read insights about the future from Martin that we picked for you:
"We're measuring the wrong things... πŸ“ˆ
If I’m measuring more stuff – it’s inevitable that there will be more stuff, more damage, more pollution, more bad health, etc. On the other hand, if I'm measuring progress – and I'm defining progress as the uplift of poverty, equity, and improvement of health – that requires a different set of activations."

"Even the best general AI tools can't really predict or anticipate...✨
What they're doing is simply extrapolating. That’s why creatives are in a hugely important position right now as they are able to look at current insights, look at certain suppositions that we can make, and then start building and iterating what these potential solutions could look like."

"I work with a lot of CEOs who talk about their heritage. And I go, what's your legacy...πŸ›οΈ
When you leave this job or when you leave this planet, what will you leave behind that you will be proud of? What will feel that you've made a contribution to the net improvement of our overall lifestyle?"

😍 Great insights? Watch the full interview to learn more about: πŸ‘‡

  • How future leaders use curiosity to create groundbreaking concepts
  • What differs CEOs in their 70s and from those in their 30s
  • How creativity is moving to gene-editing, AI and other new industries

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