Future Commuter

  • Lydia Claxton

The ethos of the collection consists of practicality, innovative design, and a conscious mind. The collection combines sportswear with fine tailoring, giving a futuristic enhancement on everyday tailoring to create high-performing business wear. Sustainable fabrics used in the collection include deadstock wool and recycled nylons. The Initial research that inspired the collection was presented as a dissertation which explored the key components leading up to present day protective clothing, the need for different variations of protective clothing and the increased need for more wearable protective clothing. The research focused on the accelerated need for clothing protecting against the extreme elements due to continuing climate change effects and was written to address the negative impacts the fashion industry has on climate change such as over-consumption, and yet how in parallel to this, climate change is also negatively impacting the fashion industry. The "Future Commuter" logo was created by Graphic Designer Freya Phillips. @freyaphillips_gd