Gallery: Venice 2018

  • Alexander Adams

Images and videos complimented by the narrative from my travel writing series on Venice.
What I did find by wandering aimlessly turned out to be the perfect introduction to Venetian culture, both from a culinary and human perspective. The food was delicious, especially the antipasti. One sausage, Sopressa Veneta, was wonderfully soft and the highlight of the meal. The place itself was so small that four small tables were enough to fill the place out and warrant the staff having to squeeze past us, and tread on my coat. Not that I’m bitter about it or anything.
The chef/owner sang loudly from the kitchen as he stirred in sauces and shopped up vegetables, spilling out into front of house occasionally to talk with customers, place a friendly hand on their shoulder, and cackle at his own jokes. It was a nice breath of fresh air to see someone so happy to be doing their job, so genuinely happy. Melissa joined me as I was finishing up, and after offering to show me around a bit more of the city, I took her up on it and we left.

- The Floating City: A Weekend in Venice (Part 1)

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