Gap — Document

The Gap Document is the third series in our collaborative story telling vehicle with David Hellqvist. Working with writer and editor Hellqvist we set to commemorate the history and products of the American apparel brand. With the help of Business of Fashion’s Tim Blanks, Dries Van Noten collaborator Nancy Rohde and Shinsuke Takizawa from Neighborhood we trace the importance of Gap from 1969 all the way up to present day. We enlisted Lou Dalton, Alastair Rae from Albam, Jockum Hallin from Our Legacy, Paul Harvey from CP Company and Donwan Harrell from PRPS to highlight five Gap staples: T-shirts, jeans, chinos, field jackets and shirts. Street photographer Mister Mort documented the beauty of the everyday uniform on the streets of New York, and Christopher Raeburn created a Gap-inspired jacket using denim and cotton twill.