Gates Foundation Year in Review 2018

  • Clio Dill
  • Apostolos Christodoulou
Gates Foundation: 2017 Year in Review: 'What Was Possible'
The Gates Foundation has traditionally celebrated their end of year progress with a letter from Bill and Melinda Gates, which from 1998 to 2012 was in the form of a downloadable PDF.
For 2017, the Foundation paired up with Pilot Lab to design a new way to review the past year. We designed an interactive experience for readers in the form of a microsite.
​After exploring a range of UX models, we decided an accordian-like model functioned best for our intention: to give readers a high-level view of the information with the option of digging deeper by clicking on each blade.
Content-Inspired Color Palette
Each of the six sections was color-coded and inspired by the relative hero images.
Bringing the Data to Life
I used a combination of data graphics and typography to bring data to life. For the world to be certified free of wild poliovirus, at least three years must pass without detection of the virus.
Photoediting Editing
Before and After