GE Healthcare - Bradford Command Centre

  • Tyler Hamblin
  • Dan Maudhub
  • Bianka Hars

A series of testimonials diving into the impact of GE Healthcare's new Command Centre system which was installed at a hosptial in Bradford.

To read more about the project, and to watch the completed videos, visit
“Working to a very tight timescale, and delivering ahead of deadline, Wonderful produced a video full of impact, which played a vital role in the success of GE’s presentation at the NHS Expo. Their team were highly professional and, through a thorough briefing process, were able to convert our concept into a strong storyboard, whilst remaining flexible during the shoot in a busy hospital environment. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the final product from the senior team, including GE’s CEO of Command Centres who said: “If you haven’t already, check out this video about Bradford CC. It’s very good. Makes me proud to do this work.” We look forward to working with the team on future projects.”
- Stephen Verdi, Operations Manager, GE Healthcare Partners

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