generative scarves

Created by London-based Convivial Project, Generative Scarves is an iOS app comprised of a procedural algorithm commonly used to digitally generate patterns of the natural world, sampled into a bespoke application. The app builds on unexpected and unique results the program allows to generate intricate visual landscapes of melting shapes and colours.

-create beautiful abstract patterns and screenshots for your device
-Play with the parameters to create intricate visuals, the possibilities are endless
-generate and submit your own pattern for a unique printed scarf

The Generative Scarves app, with its set of modifiable parameters enables the user to customise colours and patterns and create a unique print for an individual scarf that can be ordered online. Please note that the app is optimised for recent iPad and iPhone 5s so users with older devices may struggle to get the performance. The app was built using openFrameworks and the library ofxUI by Reza Ali. The generative shader algorithm is inspired by Inigo Quilez’ domain warping experimentations. You can find the full source for the app on GitHub.

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