Geo Archipelago a Climate Crisis Board Game

  • Rahul Islam

For my final dissertation project, I decided to make a board game from scratch. Geo Archipelago is a board game based on the ongoing climate crisis and the impacts of geo engineering.

Geo Archipelago is a climate crisis board game I designed as part of my final dissertation project. Almost every component of the board game was made by hand, this was an interesting project due to the UK going into lockdown mid-way through the project.
Part of my dissertation consisted of looking at climate engineering and the idea of manipulation of the climate to revert the impacts of global warming, this is known as geoengineering. Geoengineering became the basis of what my board game was based on.
Almost everything in the board game was made from scratch this reuqied a lot of research into the board game print and play community, a community deidcated to making board games at home. Parts of my projects such as printing the board game design itself and the counters required me to take advantage of my universities faclities, I got very lucky with this as a day after I printed my board design the UK went into national lockdown closing my university.
The counters were CNC laser cut from clear coloured acrylic
Unfortunatly due to national lockdown the one piece I was unable to make was the packaging for the board game itself. Instead I ended up producing 3D Renders using Cinema 4D.
I did a full writeup of this project on my Medium please do check it out, I went a lot more indepth about the making and research for the project itself.
I am a recent graphic design graduate and am open to commission if you would like to get in touch I am available on a plethora of social media all my links are available on