Get to know: Lizzy Reid, founder of recruitment agency Start Something Different

  • Emma Clarke
  • Lizzy Reid
  • Jessica Moss

We speak to the director and Soho Works Shoreditch member about finding new career opportunities in 2022, and how the job market has changed during the pandemic... For many, January prompts the search for a new job. But what’s changed in the market since the pandemic, and what does finding a role in 2022 look like? Lizzy Reid is here to help. She is the founder and director of Start Something Different, a global search and selection agency recruiting across the sectors of luxury, fashion, creative, and digital. We caught up with her to find out how the job market has changed and why candidates are currently calling the shots.

How has the job market changed over the past year? ‘It has changed considerably. There are currently less candidates in the UK due to the effects of Brexit, but with the rise in remote working, companies can now hire across the globe. The challenge I’ve faced has been to educate clients to be more flexible in their approach to hiring, to consider candidates that wouldn’t normally have been hired. Creative and digital sectors are very much in demand and a lot of people are retraining in roles to gain better future opportunities.’ Have everyone’s expectations about their working life changed?  ‘Yes, people want more balance in their lives and to feel valued at work; they’ll no longer accept a job for the sake of it. We are in a candidate-strong market, which means they can pick and choose what works for them. Flexible working, growth opportunities, salaries, a good benefits package, and an engaging culture where they feel included are some of the key areas that candidates are increasingly unwilling to compromise on.’ What are your top tips for job hunting in 2022?  ‘1. Be flexible. 2. Think outside the box. 3. Learn new skills. 4. Pick up the phone. People who call have a higher chance of getting in front of the employer; too many people hide behind emails. 5. Prepare well for interviews and don’t get lazy about your presentation over Zoom – first impressions count.’ You are one of our Founder members on the Soho Works app – what are you enjoying most about this?  ‘It’s been great to see this idea being developed. I’m enjoying seeing how talent in the Soho Works community can be promoted, and how the members can connect globally, collaborate, and help each other. The app has helped my business make more connections with like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs.’ Which is your favourite Soho Works and why? ‘All the sites are fantastic in their different ways. For me, Shoreditch is my favourite. I’ve been a member since 2018. It’s the original, and it’s the most welcoming and fun in my opinion, with great members, events, and a very strong sense of community.’