Get Your #JollyMouth On

  • Andrew Rouse
  • Louise Chorley
A bag designed to jump off the shelf into the digital space – and put a smile on your face!
Britain is a dull place to be a teenager, sure they have all the opportunities the west can offer, like education, travel and Harry Styles. But at the same time, it’s cold and miserable.
Luckily for them Maynards Bassetts are here to save the day. You see, these aren’t just chews, they are a pick me up, a moment of happiness and joy – they’re a smile! If you have a chew, you’ll find a jolly you! So get your #JollyMouth on and give us a smile!
The Jolly Mouth range was commissioned to capitalise on the growth space amongst teenage chewers and low price bags. While the brief was to create a suitable pack design, our response exploded the possibilities and went straight to their hearts and minds.
Following a review of the teenage audience we identified a single core insight that was the fuel to our fire – ‘if you don’t exist in their digital life, you don’t exist!’ So we set about creating a pack that could jump off the shelf into their social world – without the need for an eye-watering social budget.
We say, ‘get your #JollyMouth on’ with a bag designed for social media, simply fold it in half and share your smile.