Giacomo Ravagli | Open Vein | Carpenters Workshop Gallery

  • Matt Towndrow
  • Teddy Freeman

In his solo show Open Vein, Italian artist Giacomo Ravagli reveals the delicate inner nature of stone with a series of new sculptural works for Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Every edge of the sculptural objects is fractured in many ways, yet retains the oneness that is imbued by balanced geometry. The foundation of Ravagli’s carving practice resides on four principles – light, continuum, intensity and solitude. Light uncovers the stone’s insides, continuum denotes the prolonged, detailed process of creation, intensity conveys devotion, solitude enhances intuition and mastery. Shaping organic matter brings out the violence that is inevitable when nature is confronted by human intention to modify its default essence. The process of creation draws the artist into the battle for control with the stone.

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