Side Hustle/ Community Art

Giant Triplets

  • Maeve O'Brien

Giant Triplets’ model for screen-printing live events and workshops provides an invaluable space for creative development, discussion and prolonged engagement with subject matter specific to the event. We champion the use of print and design to engage with a diverse range of audiences. Power rests in communication, and community in lived experiences with others - though we inhabit a digital world, physical print still has an essential place in community organising. Sustainability is at the heart of our operation. Sourcing second hand garments enables a triple pronged engagement of participants in: Our partners chosen design to be printed on the garment The profile of charities from which the garment was sourced Environmental and humanitarian issues surrounding textile waste Our approach is playful and democratic, allowing for experimentation and discussion. The format is flexible and can be changed to meet the requirements of the organisation, event, space or people we are working alongside whilst maintaining our commitment to print as an essential form of communication. Our workshops and live events are always met with excitement and experimentation from participants which displays how the image making and craft processes of print can be absorbed and responded to in a myriad of ways.


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