Gisele Essoudry | Psichology & Career | Visual Identity

  • Soraia Soares

The Gisele Essoudry brand goes far beyond being a simple psychologist: it aims to help women discover their authenticity in order to pursue the career of their dreams. Women seeking Gisele Essoudry want to discover their true professional passion, to successfully create their own careers. These women have already gone through several difficulties, they stopped working to take care of their children, family, house and now they want to return to the job market with their own project. Thinking about her mission and her goals, the concepts used in its new Visual Identity were: - Window: many doors can close, but there will always be a window open so you can proceed with your dream. It was with this in mind that I chose the window as a representation of your brand. - Compass: Everyone needs a guide to face storms and challenges in their life. Dr. Gisele will guide these women to follow their dreams. - North Star: is one of the oldest methods of navigation, which helped navigators to know where the north was and thus know where they were going. On dark nights, a northern star is all you need to guide you. Together, these concepts create the symbol of the Gisele Essoudry brand and represent her essence and purpose in full. The colors were inspired by the aurora borealis and convey seriousness, delicacy and a lot of elegance. Furthermore, a golden texture was added to the palette to give a touch of refinement and luxury to the brand. For the typography, a font with a strong and unique personality was chosen, giving a special touch to the entire Visual Identity. This one conveys seriousness, refinement and a lot of daring. Hope you like it as much as I do :)