GLUG X It's ur time UK poster

  • Natalie (Shiu Ling) Yung
  • Nick Clement

The climate needs us, the time of the snowflake has come! Currently there are 14.6 million 18-34 yr olds in the UK. 4.79 million are unregistered. 60% of those are climate concerned. We need your help to turn this concern into action! I saw a brief by GLUG to design an A3 poster for an organisation It's our time UK which is a politically neutral voter registration campaign. This poster hopes to get climate concerned young people to register and vote. I always think that design can be used to help many social issues by bringing it to people's attention, climate change is something that feels important to me and I want to take part in this. All poster in the database will be added to the Tate modern permanent archive & will have the chance to be shown on Clear Channels digital billboards up and down the country, before the end of registration and before the election. We’ll also be exhibiting the work in London and other Glug chapter events around the UK. SO REMEMBER TO REGISTER AND VOTE ON THE 12TH DECEMBER 2019!

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