Gold Circle Showcase | Christos Tzimas, Fashion Photography & Aesthetics #2

  • Marina Syrmakezi
Gold Circle Showcase || Showcase is a digital space that brings together work by both emerging and established practitioners working in the fields of visual arts and photography. Each showcase is a curated solo show highlighting completed or work in progress projects aiming to highlight work of a wide range of subject matters and styles.

This is the latest project featuring work by Greek fashion photographer Christos Tzimas wth title Fashion Photography & Aesthetics #2

Serenity vs Boldness

Aesthetics in contemporary fashion photography challenge the notions of beauty and taste, elevate imagination and promote emotion. Qualities apparent in Christo’s work. He creates beautifully lit imagery that captures serenity permeating with boldness.
Here, two separate bodies of work are presented together. Colour with black and white imagery collides in an interconnected way echoing in deafening silence

Black and white photography produced for NOMAS magazine, issue #4 PARIS Colour photography produced for NOMAS magazine, issue #5 TRANSIT