Goldsmiths life drawing sessions

  • Anita Furlong

I always felt like the fine art education system in London was missing on opportunities to practice and improve technical art skills. I took intensive life drawing classes in Buenos Aires from 2015 to 2019 and it was foundational to my skills as a painter and gave me the freedom to develop my practice with confidence. Life drawing was also always incredibly therapeutic and fun and I got to meet people from all ages and paths of life while doing it. I always wanted to start a group in London and I finally decided to on my final year of uni. With two other girls we created the Goldsmiths Life Drawing group where we offered students and non-students 2 hours a week of evening sessions with different creative proposals where the models we booked had the agency and brought their talents and interests to the sessions. We had a dancer in Latex posing to Gabber music, Theatre department students posing in beautiful costumes, the amazing Ignacio Salvadores playing the saxophone while posing and much more! The sessions were very successful and free and we managed to create an amazing and friendly environment open to all levels.

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