Good Job with Beth Roars

  • Zoltan Adorjan

Podcast series | Music and Entertainment Hosted by vocal coach, Beth Roars, Good Job looks at each guest's journey from their very worst job to present day. They discuss what inspires them, what kept them going, how they grew as performers or professionals in the music and entertainment industry and how they dealt with challenges.

Produced the very first season of a podcast series for YouTube Vocal Coach, Beth Roars.
Brief: Devise new content that is sustainable, educational, targets the host’s large, pre-existing fanbase and is broad enough that even people outside of her niché could enjoy the content.
Response: Created a podcast that features discussions with music industry pros and legends, with a focus on their personal journey within the music industry. This format fulfilled the desires of her fanbase who wish to be musicians or learn more about their favourite artists and afforded us the freedom to go a little broader during the discussions, making the show enjoyable for anyone working in a creative industry.
Within 3 days from its release, the Podcast charted in the UK (no 13), US (no 54), Brazil (no 3), Portugal (no 1) on the Music Podcast Charts.
Ever since it launched helped her grow her fanbase and afforded us the chance to set up a scholarship fund which is now live as of 2020.
For the first season, we made it our mission to promote great causes that align with our values.
As a result, we've worked and promoted the message of the following charities and organisations:

Time-to-Change (Mind's Campaing)
Save The Music Foundation
British Stammering Association
Help Musicians UK