Goodwood Speedweek

  • Gavin Mann

Goodwood Speedweek was a live-streamed event celebrating motor racing, hosted at Goodwood racetrack and broadcast on ITV. I was brought on board to help live edit and capture this event as well produce a series of highlight videos for social media after the event. My role during the event was to live capture, log and then edit daily highlights of the day's activities, which would be broadcast and shared to give a 10-15 minute overview. For this I was using a programme called Grabyo which was a fantastic tool to help with the organisation and logging of all the day's contents - of which there were 2 incoming streams each with 10 hours of live content each day, so it was essential that I was organised and thorough with my approach. After the event, I was then tasked with creating multiple 15-30 second clips for social media of different 'entertaining moments' from the week. Again for this, I had to demonstrate my organisation and a keen eye for detail to ensure I was able to find the very best moments from over 100 hours of content.