Grace & Shadows

  • Matto Mariotti

Matto Mariotti presents Grace and Shadows, his debut solo photographic exhibition. On view from 18 October 2022, Matto’s work continues the ongoing art historical conversation on the meaning of beauty and its significance in our lives. As a celebration of Black Beauty and the female form, Matto transforms the way we see and perceive the models before the camera. Using a single light source, the artist enhances the contrasts in the photographs, alluding to the presumptuous nature of ‘beauty’ as such, and emphasizing that it is always nuanced, endless, and personal. Stripped from societal identifiers such as make-up, clothing, and accessories, Matto’s photographic subjects represent the pureness of their inner character, challenging the viewer to join them in the process of self-exploration and celebration. Grace and Shadows explores the question of true beauty which is often misunderstood as purely visual. Matto’s work exceeds these assumptions and uncovers the confident nature of being oneself. Untouched and unedited, the artist’s black and white photographs present the natural beauty of the female form.