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“WE WERE BORN FROM THE RIVERS FLOWING WITHIN GOLDEN MOUNTAINS” FALL/WINTER 2020 -21 ‘We were born from the rivers flowing within golden mountains’ explores my Colombian and Swiss cultural heritage mixed with influences of men’s tailoring. This graduate collection is about taking a journey through the Andean Mountains, exploring a culture, a new way of living and be part of the Guambianos indigenous' life, a tribe living in the Valle del Cauca. It inspires the feel of a hybrid silhouette, merging femininity and masculinity, the believe of equality, equal to any gender, equal to nature.- I come from a rare place, it is a different culture nourishing the roots of an atmospheric feel aspiring a journey, exploring a hidden environment. Flowing within my veins. it crosses mountains, rivers and forests to then shine through the rare open lines. A voyage to find out, to go back while being present- away, but connected.

Developing a colour story and print with acrylic paint, exploring the variations and details by scaling up. Collaging drape, observational drawings, researches and print to give a first insight on the silhouettes. Combining the strong structured silhouette of men's tailoring while softening it with a draped contrast to give a hybrid feel.
In depth research of tailoring, starting with the archives of the Bath fashion museum to understand and observe the evolution of the tailored silhouette. Visiting tailored ateliers to learn about the inside construction.
Tailored jacket in progress - the beauty of an unfinished garment, being able to explore and see the inside.

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