Grafter magazine Issue 1.

  • Colleen Considine

For my FMP I created Grafter magazine. A bi-annual publication looking to working class lives on the fringe of society. Those who live outside the bubble of London, offering a real insight into British life. Featuring 'Crap Places' in and around the UK, filled with interviews from journalists, record shop owners, political activists, photographers and many more. With art features on Lee Godie, Vic Reeves, whilst also presenting Batov Records, The Shaggs, and Zamrock. Dealing with issues faced in Britain at the moment, presenting features on class, religion, politics and more. Aiming to showcase a range of talent of all ages in a magazine that offers an intellectual insight to life at the moment whilst also printing lives of the past. Grafter has also been shortlisted for the Digital Fashion Publication award by Graduate Fashion Week. Front cover.

For "the change-makers" of society.
Those constantly going against the pre-made conceptions of their lives. People who forcefully strike against the order in which others tell them to live.

The people in this image are those whose story hasn't been told. They are the unknown "change-makers" of Britain.

Working-class society go unnoticed every single day whilst continuing to beat against a severe, unfair order, compiled together based soley on money.
'Squatlife' A photoseries created from 1989-91 by Dave Kotula. A photographer who truly lived on the fringe of society. St. Albans to be exact. Punking and protesting his way through the 90s with his close friends. Living as squatters in the St. Albans region.

The last true era of rebellion.