Grand Café Branding

  • Mohammad Scek-Nuren
Creatively re-launch Grand Café coffee to improve engagement with current and new customers.
There are currently 4 products in their range with each blend using the name of each certification. Each name is similar and only speaks about the certification it has which isn’t the best way to get the relevant information across to their target audience. Each blend has different tasting notes and is sourced from different countries but this is not immediately obvious when you see the current offering.
Redesign Logo and packaging, followed by a launch campaign. The logo is the first thing to be tackled in this rebrand. It isn’t a unique mark and looks very generic on the packaging. A fresh logo is needed to improve the visual aesthetic of the product. The packaging is the next part of the visual overhaul. The packaging currently doesn’t have anything that makes it eye catching and looks generic. A fresh and modern design with a twist will restore life into this range of coffee beans. A new logo and fresh packaging design needs to be relaunched to improve the engagement with their customers.