Graphic Design for Social Media

  • Frida Skoglie

I fuel my passion for digital marketing by volunteering in a charity called WellWater. Being able to use my skills and my degree to make a change in the world, has opened my eyes. Creating impactful content that spread the word of the charity, gives a whole new meaning to my work. For a year I have worked alongside motivated and selfless young people, all working towards the goal of building a school in Nigeria. It has made me realise that every single aspect of a business/charity is equally as important. We want to be different, using happiness and hope to spread the word. Show how grateful the kids in Koma, Nigeria is for everything we do for them. They have taught us to be grateful for every little thing we have. We don't want to portray the sadness, the hunger, and the pain, this doesn't motivate people, it guilts them. And that's not what we are here to do. We are here to show you that EVERYONE can make a difference.