Greenpeace campaign 2018 - THE HANDMADE GIFT

  • Léo Sattin

Directed by Anna Mantzaris, we created a heartwarming yet melancholy film for Greenpeace France at Christmas with agency 84.Paris, Passion Animation Studios and Yamination.

The story unfolds in hand crafted stop motion and follows a young girl who seems to be protecting her bear from the cold. It turns out she’s aware of a more serious problem and ends with a pledge to make our cities breathable.
This handmade nature gives an authentic, relatable feel to the film and reflects the title : "The Handmade Gift".
Behind the scene : We need more than 80 hours of shooting to made this movie. 
Credits :  Music : Attention O Chiens Agency : 84.Paris Production : Yamination, Passion Animation Studios Creative Director : Hervé Bienaimé, Olivier Bienaimé Art Director : Léo Sattin Copywriter : Julien Sipra Director : Anna Mantzaris