Greenpeace | Less meat, more veggies

  • Naudmad Ltd

Client: Greenpeace Animation Studio: Nice Monster Director: Steven Spencer Animation Producer: Pichitra Phatranawat Executive Producer: Arnaud Vittet

Nice Monster’s created a 2.5 meter set that would tell the journey of the meat from dinner plate back to factory – factory to environment. This circular set represents the food cycle and the concept of revolution.
1. forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.
2. instance of revolving.
Nice Monster decided to create the perfect society, oblivious to the environmental crisis looming before them. The characters and sets were inspired by that Stepford Wives perfection. The animated characters were made from cgi and needed to feel like model railway scale models.
The whole world was created on a 2.5 meter round set which revolves telling the story of meat backwards. The film can be split narratibvelly in two – the first part we journey from dinner plate to farm – and then from farm to pollution.