Grooming the groom.

  • Yvonne Helgeland Saestad
A bride and her beauty regime on her wedding day is a lot for any man to handle or understand, but a beautiful bride deserves an equally handsome groom standing by her side. You need to look your best on the wedding day – it’s not all about the bride.
You will appear in just as many pictures as the bride, so you should look and feel better than your best.
Skin care: In preparation for your summer wedding there are steps you can take to make sure your skin looks fresh and wedding ready.
Wash your face daily: Upholding a clean face is important all year around, but especially in the summer. The sun makes you sweat more, making the pores harder to unclog, exposing you for acne problems. Washing your face daily will maintain a good glow and fresh skin.
Exfoliate: Exfoliating once a week will help you get rid of the residue left on your skin that clogs your pores and all the dead skin cells. And also by doing this before you shave you open up the hair follicles, letting you get a closer shave.
Moisturise: Hydrating your skin in the summer is not just about keeping it hydrated but also making sure it contains SPF to protect your skin from the UV radiation from the sun, and it will make sure you don’t look flustered and burned.
Your skin is what shows signs of stress, tiredness and ageing. You need to take care of it to make sure you’re glowing as much as your bride on the day. Read up online. Ask department store workers for help, they are there to help you.
Trust the classics: Your wedding is not the time to go out and get a completely new crazy haircut. You should keep to the hairstyle you know suits you, and that people associate with you, or go with a classic, clean look that will look just as stylish 30 years from now. You don’t want to end up resenting your wedding pictures because you couldn’t contain yourself not to get a Mohawk before tying the knot.
Schedule your appointment for about a week before the wedding day, your hair will look fresh and sharp without looking too done.
Don’t forget your brows! Your eyebrows don’t have to be perfect but they should be shaped and trimmed, and get rid of the unibrow.
Facial hair: In regards of facial hair everyone has different opinions and preferences.
Clean shaven: First have a hot shower, this will open up the pores and reduce the chances of pulling from the razor. A good shaving brush will lift each hair and exfoliate your skin at the same time. And don’t forget aftershave to soothe skin and avoid shaving rash. Avoid shaving up to a few days before the wedding and book a professional shave the day of the wedding. You’ll greatly reduce the chance for razor burns and ending up with a red, blotchy face in your wedding photos.
Scruffy: Stubble is set to be a big trend in 2016 – which is amazing news if you’re too lazy to shave daily, or if you can’t grow a beard. Allow the hairs to grow freely until you start to feel the itching, it will grow following the natural lines of your face. Make sure it doesn’t look patchy.
Beard: If you have a beard and you can pull it off, all creds to you. But it will take a bit more grooming to make it look wedding day appropriate. Keep it trimmed, and use a beard oil or conditioner to hydrate both your beard and skin, preventing beard flakes while making your beard smooth and touchable.
Hands and Feet: Your hand will be in focus on your wedding day, there is no getting around that. Exchanging rings, photographs – your hands will be in focus.
Go for a manicure and pedicure, it’s not just for girls, and you’re wife to be will love you even more for that little effort you put in. Book yourself an appointment a few days before the big day and go and get professional help to make your hands and feet wedding appropriate.
If you are a bit uneasy in going into a regular salon, in big cities they will have a gentleman groomer who will do the same.
Fix your teeth: If you chose to go for a full professional teeth whitening treatment or just go to your dentist for a cleaning you definitely should consider prepping your teeth. You will look cleaner, younger and more handsome.
Now you should be feeling fresh and ready for your big day. Remember to smile even if it’s a serious day, have fun and enjoy yourself with all your friends and family.


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