Group International

Service delivery included: Copywriting, Blog writing, Landing page development, Brochure development - copywriting and graphic design

The Challenge

Group International as a parent company with five separate websites was finding it difficult to produce compelling branded content for their websites in a timely manner each month.
The Group International team are experts in the gold buying and selling markets.
  • Gold selling businesses – UK Bullion and Gold Bullion UK.
  • Scrap gold buying businesses – Scrap Gold UK, UK Scrap Gold and Cash For Your Gold.
They came to us with the brief of pushing their brand in the digital environment, primarily through content on the websites. We also identified key pages on their websites that could be reviewed and optimised for conversions, for instance their highly useful scrap gold calculator tool.
We have also helped the team connect the digital with the physical, creating a physical brochure which Group International's sales and marketing teams can use as a sales tool.
Each month, we create website articles that engage readers and have a positive effect on their website’s SEO.
Combining our command of digital communication channels with the businesses’ intimate knowledge and understanding of the gold investment markets and wider industry, the aim of our content is to boost traffic and sales. We have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Group International, due to our relentless focus on customer needs.
Rigo worked with the client identifying their needs:
  • Create content across five websites each month
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the complex world of gold investment
Website content:
To ensure our content creation is in line with the business objectives of Group International and reflect an understanding of the fluctuations of the gold markets, Rigo hold monthly topic ideation sessions with the client.
This allows our copywriters to write articles in line with business objectives, such as promoting a new product line, and to send out press releases and business operational updates, for instance announcing new operating procedures and safety measures for handling and receiving gold packages during COVID-19.
Must haves:
  • Avoid anything that could be construed as investment advice.
  • Demonstrate a thorough and up to date understanding of the gold markets.
  • Encourage and improve customer conversions.
Digital Brochure
Rigo produced an in depth 16-page sales brochure for the client’s premier bullion brand The Gold Bullion Company. The brochure acts as an introduction to the company and their products for newcomers to gold investing and collecting, featuring high quality photography and clear and concise copy.
Rigo Approach:
Our approach to copywriting includes getting fully immersed into a subject, becoming subject matter experts ourselves before committing pen to paper, or finger to keyboards – in our digital-first approach.
Our writers and marketers use a variety of tools to research our topics thoroughly, including an analysis of market trends through a close reading of news articles and trusted industry publications.
Allied to understanding the approach of our client’s competitors, Rigo uses SEO tools to understand the relevant keywords for each topic and implement these throughout our website articles. Understanding the importance of internal linking allows us to create a seamless user experience for the customers of our client. This can mean a clever placement of an internal link pointing to a product page, or a link to a relevant article in the right place prompting the reader’s interest and increasing their dwell time on the website.
The Solution
Successful delivery of engaging content across Group International’s portfolio of websites for over 5 years. It is our belief that rather than being an outsourced digital marketing agency we’re an extension of the team.
Our close attention to detail and good relationship with the client allows us to continue developing content of high interest to the readership of each website.