Growing Pains

  • Codie Lu Scott

A semi-autobiographical film about recognising how peaceful and unproblematic youth was, even if it didn’t seem it at the time: a juxtaposition of its title, as inspired by an adapted Kalverts Diary, a book which was progressively altered by chapter, eventually to become unreadable. This film embodies the everyday mundanity of life in a small town. It’s something of a timeless image, a mix between contemporary styling and a visual adaptation in memory of our adolescence. Each component to the film was deeply thought-out to collaborate with this memory. The location: set in my hometown and the settings were places of our hangouts, the casting: students of the school I went to and styling: reflected the time and the people who wore them. The film is accompanied by a book. The hardbound photographic book documents the journey and outcome of the film. Acting as a visual celebration of the town and the people it portrays. This book offers a visual meditation of the film, a portrait of 3 teenagers, and a soundscape of the small town its set in. Revealing a unique new perspective to the production of the film as the focus shifts behind the cameras lens to capture the concept, ideas, the location and our cast.