Growing the McDonald’s Giphy page to over 40 million views

  • Callum Matthews

Launching the Maccers Giphy channel was one of my key projects, working on every GIF from the launch to now, encompassing over 40 million views.

Giphy can be an effective, low-cost tool for brands to help amplify their campaigns. A perfect platform to take Christmas campaigns one step further. Although up there with the wankiest terms around, the power of ‘dark social’ (the process of marketing through private messaging on platforms such as WhatsApp) has been heavily documented in the past. Giphy allows brands to do this at it’s finest and if done well, will allow you to advertise within these closed messaging groups without interrupting the user's experience.

This is why we launched the McDonald's Giphy page. I wrote about the top tips for using the platform here:

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