Growing up in the Girl Gang

  • Rosa Herxheimer
  • Sinead Solomon

I was thrilled to curate and host a talk on Girl Gang movies with my childhood friend, Sinead Solomon at the British Film Institute for #WomanWithAMovieCamera earlier this month. Thinking about teenage girlhood and rewatching iconic teen movies was a bittersweet exercise - I was flooded with honeyed nostalgia and spiky rage in equal measure. I'm incredibly grateful to no longer be a teenager, awed by the collective nostalgia that the scenes and soundtracks of teen movies trigger for whole generations, and ever-impressed by the brilliant filmmakers telling nuanced stories of teenage girls today. Thanks to the BFI especially Abiba Coulibaly, Kimberley Sheehan and Lilia Pavin-Franks for supporting us with this, it was an amazing start to 2023!


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