Guilty Pleasures

  • Chris Ireland
Matters: Collect—Curate—Exhibit
For a one week project set, designer Craig Oldham set us the task of collecting, curating and exhibiting something.
  • Collect_‘Get or gather together large number of something’
  • Curate_‘Select, organise and present.’
  • Exhibit_‘To show, make visible or apparent’
Myself, along with my two other fellow designers (Andrew Hodgkiss & Scott Moyse) descided to collect people's guilty pleasures. Collected over the three years of our course, we gained over 100 individual responses which we then curated.
Of all the responses we received, one stood out in particular; 'I don't. I think I'm pretty normal'. This was interesting because they where the only one to think this. Rather than over complicate the message, we simply highlighted it out from all of its contemporaries.
Our display showed off 53 of our favourite answers, alongside our opposing one. This idea of contrast is used across the project, from the colour choices of 'Blush' Pink and Grey, to the typefaces used, Cooper Black Italic and Hoefler.
After the event

I put together a case study video to showcase the main narrative of the work, in a simple 2 minute package, for a social media style usage.
All of the orginial cards from the show (plus a couple of extras) have been collected and bound into a book. The outside of the cover jokes on the personal aspect of the content, being reluctant and dismissive in its language.

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