Guinness Storehouse 4th Floor

Guinness asked us to create a digital experience that connected the annual million plus visitors to the Guinness Storehouse to the Guinness digital community.

We answered the brief by creating three world-class signature digital experiences that invited participants to explore and connect to the world of Guinness.

Firstly, the Global Community Map wall creates top level social engagement by allowing visitors to interact with a high definition digital globe, create personalised messages and connect to their local Guinness markets through their Facebook accounts.

Secondly, a giant multi-display Infographic Wall that uses beautifully crafted 3D animations to communicate a variety of stories, facts and figures and fun quizzes about the historic Guinness brand and products.

Lastly we produced the Guinness Academy Photo Experience, to give visitors a beautiful digital memento of the moment they learned to pour the perfect pint and help remind them of their visit.

We achieved an 81% increase in customer satisfaction with over 51,000 messages posted since launch.

That equates to over 100,000 minutes of active engagement with the brand.