Gummy Bear BTS

  • Doug Turner
  • Vasco Alexandre Tavares Sancho

Behind the Scenes from the production of Gummy Bear for more info, go check out @GummyBear.Film Gummy Bear is a short film about how friendship stands up to the pressure of competing dreams. Molly and Ivy are two female boxers from a Scottish working-class background. When they are offered only one opportunity to move forward with their dreams they must struggle with the personal and emotional toll that takes on their relationship. BTS by Doug Turner Written and Directed by Vasco Alexandre @vascoalexadnre Written and Produced by Zoe Stiletano @zoestiletano Director of Photography and Colorist Sean Monroe @light_wzrd Film Editor and Sound Design Lea Gudelj @nonexistentfils #filmmaking #scottishcinema #scottishfilm #edinburghfilms #edinburghnapier #scottishboxing #behindthescenes #bts #videography #scottishvideography #documentaryfilm