• Jamie Brunskill

Director EHSAN @ FRIEND Creative direction JAMIE BRUNSKILL Senior creative lead MIKE RAVEN @ GYMSHARK CREDITS: Produced by: Friend London EP: Chris Abitbol Client Producer: Sarah Clarke Producer: Amber Felix DOP: Marcus Autelli Production Designer: Zach-Apo-Tsang Art-Director: Laurie Walters Editor: Lucian Barnard @ Deliverance Post SFX: Caspar Phillips Post Production: Wicked Pixels Colourist: Richard Fearon @Black-Kite 1st AD(s): Jack Meredith Steadicam: Josh Brooks Production Manager: Hannah Bilverstone / Poppy Shafto Production Assistants: Tosin Lepe, Michelle Cheung Directors Assistant: Sean Verrall Stylists: Taff Williamson / Pia Woodvine (asst). Alanya French Barnbrook / Doriane Lescouet (Gymshark) Choreography: Nathalie Zangi, Kane Klendjian (asst.) Make-up: Harri Matthews CAST (in order of appearance): Housemate: Nikkita Chadha Girl on Bike: Jade Packer Newsreporter: Gamer 1: KSI Gamer 2: Behzinga (Ethan Payne) Gamer on couch: Ocean Navarro Shopping channel presenter 1: Munya Chawawa Shopping channel presenter 2: Grace Gray Girl watching TV: Blaise Tykall Body double: Chloe Doige Dancers: Amber Rae, Lisa Horsley, Andilè Mabhen, Arun Blair Mangat. Body-Builder: Ryan Terry Onlooker: Richard Mathews Camera rental: Panavision (Shout out George Rumsey) Studio: Malcom Ryan Studios

We created a video game as part of the campaign, where the avatar is operated by the consumer opening and closing their mouth enabling the avatar to jump up and down grabbing garments from the sale. The open mouth gesture aimed to resemble someone gasping at the ‘BDE’ savings Gymshark has to offer.