Hackney Wick Cafe Concept.

  • Teodora Andra Jurju

Soon on this planet, there will be a meeting Important subjects will be discussed Having as ultimate scope that of protecting the nothing that's left. Digital Artwork/MoodBoard for an Independent Clothing Store/Cafe Bar Concept in Hackney Central, London. Photography, Photoshop and Copywriting by me. The theme of this project is business. Interviews, daily briefing, internal meetings, webinars and all elements that together constitute the corporate world. In a dystopian fashion, the pieces of this project draw on the quotidian activities of corporate firms and corporations that describe themselves as particularly concerned with sustainable development, the world being today more inclined to adopt sustainable, eco-friendly notions than ever. All is however, quite apparent, and in a plethora of meetings and important conversations aimed to develop new sustainable strategies, firms and organisations seem to only employ such righteous, moral purposes as showpieces and slogans. In the final analysis, aspirations of philanthropy and long-term protection of the planet are metamorphosed into instruments of business, desperately and slyly applied by businesses in the battle for ownership, money and success