Hadley’s Dairy

Hadley’s Dairy is based on the family farm in the beautiful Colne Valley of Essex. Originally the milk was from their herd of pedigree holstein cows, but today the milk is supplied by Estate Dairy or Fenn Farm. The dairy has an ice cream in a parlour in Lavenham and is also sold to many adoring customers at festivals, served from a vintage VW van. The ice creams are made by hand using excellent ingredients, including Pump Street Chocolate. Hadley’s has a growing range of ice creams, many of them seasonal and this challenge inspired three sizes of generic tubs, which are then identified individually by a delicious palate of flavour stickers. We commissioned Charlotte Trounce to illustrate the family farm in a contemporary Delft style, befitting a dairy. The tones of blue and white creating a perfect backdrop to the striking flavour stickers.