Trine Hahnemann is an internationally renowned chef, food writer and enthusiastic champion of sustainable solutions. She sources organic food, all of which is cooked with love. She is inspirational and educational. So when Trine approached us to talk about her new plans to open a brand new food store and cookery school in Copenhagen, we couldn’t contain our excitement at the thought of working on such an eminent project. Trine’s enthusiasm and passion for what she does is contagious, and we have enjoyed every moment of working on this collaboration.

Our brief for the Hahnemanns Køkken was to create a logo that represented the responsible forward-thinking of Trine, along with the ethos and personality which has become synonymous with the brand. Drawing from the heritage of Denmark and the fine-lined patterns of Royal Copenhagen china, the mark we created for Hahnemanns Køkken looks to the future and symbolises a sense of sustainability and hope.
Early on in the project, it became clear to us that picking a colour palette was to play a key role in the project. Our aim was to make sure that every colour used was both relevant and reflective of the Hahnemanns Køkken personality. Taking inspiration from the architecture of the buildings found in the city and the paintings of some of Trine’s favourite Danish artists, the colour palette is both vibrant and rich working in harmony, from the branding and packaging through to the interiors of the shop.

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