Hallam Enterprise Team - Branding

  • Nicole Ramsden
  • Tam Do
A modern brand adding a splash of individuality to Sheffield Hallam University's Enterprise Team.


The Enterprise Team is a relatively young company set up at Sheffield Hallam University. They are working with students to give them skills in enterprise and getting them the connections and funding they need to set up their own business ventures. 
The team approached me as a freelancer to come in on this project and help them create a brand and logo for the core company and their upcoming awards ceremony. This is to become an annual event to celebrate students who have set up their own companies thanks to the support of the Enterprise Team.


Though the are a part of the university, the team wanted their branding portray them as a separate entity. The aesthetic needed to convey capability and professionalism, but also approachability and care.
As a fairly new company, the team wanted only minimal marketing material at this stage. A brand developed, but the focus was around the logo and - later - a brochure for the awards event.
To keep consistency running throughout the brand's aesthetic, the logo for the Hallam Enterprise Awards is a direct deviation of the Enterprise Team logo. The prominent word 'enterprise' is kept exactly the same to allow a fluidity between the two designs.
A new colour scheme was introduced for the Hallam Enterprise Awards branding. Branching off from the core colour scheme of the Enterprise Team, the bright yellow serves as an anchor connecting the two.


Hallam Enterprise Awards highlights the businesses created by students through the help of the Enterprise Team. Each business is given the opportunity to deliver a pitch to an elite panel of judges to compete for funding. 
The material for the event needed to fit with the new Enterprise Team logo. As a new company, their branding needed to be the centre of attention. Their main audience are students wanting to set up new businesses, but they also need to look professional in situations such as this awards event, where they are in the view of potential partners. 
As a talking point, the guests were given a programme upon entering Hallam Hall, detailing the running order for the evening and giving a quick overview of the businesses competing for the funding. The booklet made use of the new colour scheme, in particular, the addition of the bold purple paid homage to Sheffield Hallam University's own branding. 


Pairing the core typeface; Futura PT with elegant opposition; Abril Titling in italic gave an elegant flair to the inside of the programme. Making the accents and numbering the same orange as the cover kept up consistency throughout the publication.
To create an equal amount of space for each contestant to talk about their business, each page followed the same format. To add intrigue and break up the regiment, pages such as the running order for the evening featured a full bleed splash page.


Funding for the winners was provided by the Enterprise Team themselves and their partners; Santander Universities.
With three different prizes available, I created three certificates following the same design to celebrate each award. They followed the same branding as Hallam Enterprise Awards but with a geometric aesthetic for a splash of modernity.