Hard Times Baby

  • Charlotte Rowland

An exploration of 90’s rave culture, stemming from the Sweet Harmony Rave Today exhibition, with emphasis on artist Seana Gavin from the sound system Spiral Tribe, her life in the rave scene as well as her modern-day psychedelic artworks; where she juxtaposes space-age figures and objects in a picturesque landscape. From the futuristic nature of Gavin’s work and the illegal rave scene derived a new sci-fi element of iconic cinematic dress and classic comic book style. Using space age interior designer Verner Panton’s work allowed for experimentation of creating new environments for the classic 90’s raver. This in turn enabled the eclectic design to become a contemporary and innovative collection. Using graphic prints, contradictory typography, patchwork applique, bold fastenings and original features; big tags and comic book style posters. The variety of elements used creates a diverse range of garments and fabric types pulled together with a consistent theme originating from the 90’s illegal rave scene.